· The coupon has a valid expiration date and has not expired

· One coupon per item(s) purchased as stated on the coupon with a maximum of 6 coupons per same 6 items purchased in a 24-hour period.

· Coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item(s) purchased. If it does, we can only redeem up to the value of the item(s) purchased (excluding sales tax).

· The original coupon must be presented. Photocopies will not be accepted.

· Product(s) must be purchased in size and quantity specified on the coupon.

· Stacking (combining electronic and paper coupons) of manufacturers' coupons is prohibited.

· Items must be purchased at the time of redemption.

· Competitor coupons are not accepted.

Printed Internet Coupons

· The coupon must be obtained from a legitimate site.

· A maximum of two “like" coupons will be accepted.

· Sky Plaza IGA does not accept the following Printed Internet Coupons

· “Free with no purchase necessary" and “ Buy One Get One Free"

· We reserve the right to refuse any coupons that we believe to be photocopied, counterfeit or invalid for any reason.

· Any Coupon with a value over $3 will not be accepted except where advertised by Sky Plaza IGA for a specific promotion.

SkyPlaza IGA Coupons

· Must have a SkyPlaza IGA Logo or Nash Finch supplied stores notice on the coupon.

· Not Subject to doubling.

Double Coupons up to $.99

· Redeem any manufacturers' coupon with a valid expiration date, worth up to and including the stated maximum amount clipped from newspapers, magazines or received by mail and we'll double the savings.

· This offer only applies to manufacturer product “cents-off" coupon for items and sizes we carry.

· The doubled amount cannot exceed the value of the item purchased.

· Coupons with a value over $.99 will be redeemed at face value only.

· Cigarettes, tobacco and milk or any other items prohibited by law or the manufacturer are excluded.

· Coupons that state not to be doubled will not be doubled.

· Not valid on free coupons, Sky Plaza IGA coupons, or Nash Finch supplied stores coupons.

We reserve the right to make temporary or permanent changes to this policy without notice.

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